Beardown Tor

A panoramic view up the valley of the West Dart on Dartmoor by Herbythyme | GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0  | from Wikimedia Commons

Beardown Tor & Devil’s Tor

This week’s 6 mile walk has some amazing views, capturing a variety of tors, including Beardown Tor and Devil’s Tor, in the centre of the wild emptiness of Dartmoor. It is within the Dartmoor Firing Range, so please check the times before you leave.

To begin, head to the car park at Holming Beam. From here you will immediately be able to see Beardown Tor, which is where you’ll be heading first. Follow the track away from the car park to the north, staying on it as it bends right and takes you over a small wooden bridge over a river.

On the other side of the bridge climb up the hill to the closest tor, which is Beardown Tor. This actually consists of three summits, and on one of them you’ll pass a military observation hut. Head to the east to the next summit where you’ll find views of Longaford Tor and Wistman’s Wood.

Follow the path to the north from here that takes you to a wall, crossing over the stile you’ll find there. Shortly after this you’ll see the red and white poles that mark the beginning of the area the military use to practice firing. Follow these flags as they guide you along a path and to a stream, which is a lovely space to stop for a picnic!

After you reach the stream keep following the path next to the poles which will take you in a North East direction to the left of Crow Tor and towards Rough Tor. Keep going to reach the tor.

From here we’re next heading to Devil’s Tor. Cross over the marsh but beware not to head to the first visible tor on your left, as Devil’s Tor is further to the right. Weave your way through the marsh until you reach the top of it. Legend has it that this was once the home of Cernunnos the horned god. Today you will find a giant single standing stone called Beardown Man.

Next head towards Lydford Tor, crossing a stile over a boundary wall in the process. Then follow the track towards Beardown Tor and take a right, going back down the path you originally came up on. This will take you back to the small bridge near the start of the journey, which you can follow back to the car park at Holming Beam.

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