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Photo by Jenny W.

Barnaby, Emma & Jenny’s 121 Training

My name is Jenny and my wife, Emma, and I have a 1 year old massive labradoodle called Barnaby. We’d been to Devon dogs for some 1-2-1 sessions in November whilst staying nearby with family. So we were excited to get the chance to stay in the Annexe and get a 5 hour training package and join a Boundary Games workshop at the end of February. 

Our Arrival

My reception on arriving at Bowerland was lovely and friendly and it was exciting to see we were the first people to try out the newly fitted bathroom (it’s lovely!).  The Annexe is very tastefully decorated and well set out for a small space, it was still big enough to accommodate our ridiculously big dog and his crate.  At home Barnaby doesn’t go upstairs so he’s never seen a bed – it was a trial trying to stop him using it like a trampoline for the first few minutes!

Local Areas

In amongst the training (Friday night and all Sunday) we spent time in the local area and with family.  We went for a lovely walk along the Granite Way from Okehampton station. It’s a lovely flat route that also looked perfect for a run. It was pretty quiet when we went, although that might have been due to the hail storm hovering over us. It finally appeared just as we got back to the car. 

In the afternoon we went to Chagford, which is a short drive away and has some lovely little shops and place to eat. I highly recommend the Three Crowns, but have to admit being biased as my cousin lives there!

Lots of lovely touches in the Annexe

Back at the Annexe, there were lots of lovely little touches, like a bottle of fizzy cordial and some lovely biscuits. I couldn’t eat them as I’m gluten free, but Emma said were amazing. And, last but not least, some delicious treats for Barnaby! 🙂

The training was top-notch

Michelle and Teresa are fantastic. The big difference at Devon Dogs compared to the first trainers and puppy classes we attended, is that the DD trainers listen to you about your own dog.  They manage the sessions and workshops brilliantly tailoring it to our individual needs. And they do not insist on persevering with things when your dog is obviously not happy. By the end, Barnaby was exhausted, but also very happy… as were we!

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