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Baker’s Pit and Rogers’ Tower Circular Walk
Start and Finish: Baker’s Pit Nature Reserve, Ludgvan, Penzance TR20 8LP – Map

This 3 mile, moderate walk begins at Baker’s Pit nature reserve. The route then crosses the downs to the Castle-an-Dinas Iron Age hillfort and Rogers’ Tower. The return route is across the fields with views to the hills above St Ives and then follows the Red River back to its source at Baker’s Pit.

Your dog may need a helping hand over the wall on the approach to Castle-an-Dinas.


  • Go through the gate into the Nature Reserve.
  • Keep following the track to pass the engine house and continue until you reach another metal gate across the track.
  • Go through the gate and keep left at the fork to keep following the rough track between the two hedges.
  • Continue for some distance until you eventually reach a pedestrian gate.
  • Go through the gate and continue a short distance to reach a gravel path.
  • Turn right onto the path and follow it for roughly 200 metres until you reach a waymark beside some steps over the wall on your left.  
  • Once you reach the waymark on the left, climb the stile over the wall and continue ahead to reach a gap in the embankment (rampart) ahead.
  • Go through the gap and continue ahead past the trig point to reach Roger’s Tower.

From Rogers’ Tower

  • At Roger’s Tower, turn right and follow between the ramparts of the hillfort.
  • Continue to reach the path where you entered the castle.
  • Turn left to retrace your steps across the downs to the stone wall.  
  • Climb the wall and turn right onto the stony path to retrace your steps initially, but then continue following the path until it ends in a gate.
  • Go through the gate and turn right and following the path alongside the fence until it eventually ends on a track with a metal gate to the right.
  • Turn left onto the track and follow it a short distance to a wooden gate on the right.  
  • Go through the gates and bear right slightly across the field to the gate opposite.  
  • Go through the 2 gates and cross the field to the gate and stile ahead.
  • Cross the stile and follow the right hedge to a gap next to the gate.  
  • Go through the gap and walk along the length of the field to the gate.
  • Go through the pedestrian gate on the left of the gate and follow the track downhill to where it ends in a T-junction with another track.  
  • Take the small path ahead on the opposite side of the track and follow this until it emerges onto a lane.
  • Turn left onto the lane and follow this to a junction.
  • Turn left and follow the road until you reach a track on the left with a sign for The Moors.  
  • Bear left onto the track and follow this until you reach a crossing of tracks.
  • Go through the wooden gate (the rope loop slides over the gatepost) and follow along the left hedge to a stone stile in the corner marked with a post with a white top.
  • Cross the stile and follow the path between the hedge and fence to a stile.
  • Cross the stile then head towards the bush in the middle of the field, passing to the left of the reeds.
  • After the reeds, bear right to a gap in the hedge. Once through the gap, turn left to keep the hedge on your left and reach a stone stile in the corner of the field.
  • Cross the stile and footbridge and follow the path along the stream until it emerges onto the gravel driveway for Tredorwin.
  • Turn left onto the driveway and follow it a short distance towards the chimney to where a narrow path departs to the right beside a wooden post, just before the track bends.
  • Turn right onto the small path and follow this until it emerges onto the stony track to Baker’s Pit.

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