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dog burning out

Photo by Mel Taylor

Avoid your Dogs Burning Out

To get the most from your training sessions we have come up with some top tips so that you can AVOID your dogs burning out and becoming disinterested and flat.

Tip 1

Using a crate or bed for your dog is probably the single best way of keeping your dog active when working and yet settled and eager when not working. In terms of optimum learning and efficiency in dog training, it’s important that your dog is able to rest properly in between exercises.

Tip 2

Don’t keep repeating a skill until you go right, try to stop, take a minute, feel your session, is it going in the right direction or are there skills missing? If your dog is looking or feeling tired, stop. Either end the session there, or give them a good break, and then attempt the skill again. Don’t be afraid to ‘abort mission’ if your training session isn’t working out as planned. Note take and come up with a plan to change things up for your next session. Remember, when training, you always want to set your dog up for success!

Tip 3

Plan your sessions very carefully – try to stick to your plan and only change it if something is really not working. If you have a timer and stick to the plan it will ensure that you achieve the whole package and not just the sexy bits or your favourite bits!

If you need more ideas for your training sessions check out what we have in store!  We can work with you either on an individual basis or you can come along to a weekly class or workshop!

Tip 4

Share a session with a friend – it’s great to work with a partner. It’s also fab to have someone to bounce ideas off and, while they are having their go, it allows your dog to have breather! You avoid burnout when working together as you self-regulate between each other. Another benefit is that your friend can video, take notes and help generally with your training. For example they can restrain your dog when needed or throwing in the toy.

We find that it also adds accountability, as if you arrange a training session with someone else, you are way more likely to stick to it and actually train!

Tip 5

Variety Variety Variety, is truly the spice of life! So let’s not focus on one thing, there are so many things to train within a session! Try to keep your sessions diverse, fun, fast and add variety, it’s the best way to keep the fun in that relationship and avoid your dogs burning out.

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