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Anne Reid

My Intensive Training Package by Anne Reid

anne reid

Golden Oldie Charley was very taken with the wood-burning stove and positioned herself on a bed in front of it as soon as it was lit.

Anne Reid

My Spaniels – Charlie, Ruby and Breeze.

I have just returned from another week down in Bowerland staying in the Old Dairy. I travelled down from Lancashire with my 3 Spaniels Charlie, Ruby and Breeze. Prior to coming down I had booked onto the Super Trainer Live 3 day package, a sports foundation workshop and the intensive package giving me 10 hours of 1 2 1 training and other goodies.

Once again the accommodation was great and welcoming, with treats for both me and my dog and a new toy. As it was November we definitely made use of the wood burning stove and golden oldie Charlie was very taken with it and positioned herself on a bed in front of it as soon as it was lit.

My Training started prior to getting there with a phone call from Michelle to find out how far we had progressed since our last visit. I was quite surprised how much I had managed to do once I said it out loud having the pre-visit phone call definitely helped me realise how far I had come as well as letting the trainers know where I was up to.

A part of the intensive package I had booked had 10 hours of 1 2 1 training sessions with Teresa. The area’s I wanted to cover were agility and fitness work. All my dogs have shown improvement since our last visit. The most noticeable is my 18 month old. I have only recently started her on weave training getting to a reliable 4 poles, by the end of the week not only was she doing 6 poles but has also added distance, jumps and rear crosses.

We also covered triple F works for all dogs, this is helping alt with my golden oldie Charlie who has arthritis and has lost some muscle from her back legs. She has now progressed from using 1 fit bone to standing on 2 which is really helping, I can really see a difference in her walking when we go out for walks and more importantly she really enjoys it.

I enjoyed all the training sessions and am grateful for Teresa who filmed over training sessions as there was so much to take in. I can now re-watch the footage and it’s like having a training session again. Although my training session’s where primarily for agility and fitness Teresa managed to incorporate other skills into the sessions such as boundaries, retrieves, searching and many others giving us an all round package.

Overall I have had a fantastic week down in Devon and so have my dogs, fantastic accommodation and excellent training. All the trainers are so helpful and full of enthusiasm, you can tell that they really love training and are genuinely so pleased for you when you progress no matter how big or small the step you make. We’re already looking forward to coming back next March.

About the author: My name is Anne Reid I am 55 and have 3 spaniels an 11 year old Springer, Charlie, a 5 year old cocker, Ruby, and my newest addition a 16th month old cocker, Breeze, we live in Lancashire.

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