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Amazing Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Spring – a time to catch up with yourself, to kick-start your life plan. A time to take stock of where you are in life, what your current hopes and desires are. And a time to discover what do you want to do with the next quarter of the year, if not the rest of 2019?


Personally I struggle with procrastination and actually knuckling down to getting things done. I have wonderful ideas, and plans, that don’t always manifest. I find the steps between the urge, the desire, and the thought to actually going ahead and undertaking the action to be the most difficult step of all. I find it hard to make a start and need to find a way to motivate myself.

And once you have everything in place, the the most important step of all is to actually make a start! 



The Bullet Journal Method – photo by Carole Langman

So how do you get motivated? The latest idea that sparked my interest is Bullet Journalling. If you read my post last week I talked about a wonderful guide you can buy, written by Ryder Carroll. The book helps you to work out a system that suits you. Together with the book, and some fantastic new stationery, you will be ready to go. Write something in your journal, put pen to paper and make your mark.

Bullet Journalling

Once you have read about the basics of Bullet Journalling, write everything that is currently on your mind. It really does motivate you once you write it all down into an easy-to-follow system. You will have dates to stick to and tasks to achieve and, by indexing them, you can easily find where you are.

Bullet Journalling is a way of multitasking, of having a number of projects all on the go at any one time, that are easily traceable. And for me, I find this very motivating. I made a start – I wrote down my Future Log for the next 6 months; my Monthly Log for April and 3 Main Goals for the year. And I am up and running! Of course it did help having some time out, a little break away from it all. 

Boost your Productivity with a Getaway at Bowerland

That’s what Bowerland can offer you. Why don’t you try it for your dog training?  You can separate all the goals you want to achieve and all your aims and desires for the year.  Come along and give it a go!

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