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amazing benefits of walking

Amazing Benefits of Walking to Try Right Now!

Daily walks are absolutely special, and even more so at the moment during the lockdown of the country. The benefits of walking, both physically and mentally, have been acknowledged and appreciated once again.  We have all found our own ways of making our regular walks into a much anticipated and joyful event.  We seek out new paths, making small changes to our usual routes, in order to create interest and excitement. And on these often solitary walks, we have had time to think, to ponder and to contemplate our lives.

To be honest, walking has always been a time of great creativity and at a time to pick through problems.  If you need to think through how to deal with a certain issue, how to pull a project together, or even finding a new solution to an old niggle, walking can always help, and especially solitary walking.  

Now that the lockdown rules are easing slightly, we can join up with friends and family members to walk together. After all, walking in step is really similar to experiencing a physically distanced hug. And we all have so much to catch up with, so many stories to tell and share.

But are you walking to the best of your abilities? Are you gaining the most benefit from your walks?  Joanna Hall has developed a Walk Active Programme to help us to ease our muscle aches, rather than to make them worse. Here are the 4 main aspects to consider when walking in order to improve the health benefits for you:

Walk Active Programme

  1. Are you pushing off with your back foot, similar to an ice skater? This is the correct way to start.
  2. Ensure that you are walking with a rolling movement, from the heel to the ball of the foot, rather than a flat footed approach where the foot hits the ground all in one go.
  3. Watch out not to let your head hang forward, make sure your shoulders are relaxed and down and your head is lifted.
  4. Think about your arms, don’t force them into power like movements but instead let them hang naturally.

Powerful Mental Health Benefits

There are also powerful mental health benefits in walking on a regular basis.  You get to choose your routes, your company (if any), and your speed.  One of the ways in which you can learn about how walking changes your life, is if you notice how you are feeling during various stages of your walk.  Is it lifting your mood, are you becoming aware of the world around you?  Do you feel different at each stage of the walk? We are often on autopilot and therefore we forget to see the magic of the world in which we live. 

Opening up to the World

By taking regular walks, we are opening up ourselves to the world around us. Instead of concentrating on the negativities at this moment, we can focus on the positives. Make sure you get out, keep your energies up and focus on the good stuff this coming week!

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