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Albie & Sue’s Supercharged Training

My dog, Albie and I had a fantastic Supercharged training holiday at Bowerland recently. Everything in relation to the holiday worked brilliantly – from the booking and administration, the accommodation (which was well maintained and really clean), the lovely welcome gifts, and the quality of the training. We had loads of fun!

More Confidence

I wanted to particularly thank Teresa and Michelle for their tremendous help, advice and support to me with the training of my dog Albie. As a very inexperienced dog owner, I found training really difficult and had lost confidence in my own ability. However, their help and support on a 1-2-1 basis around my own particular training struggles means that I now have a specific range of games and strategies to help me with training out and about in different environments. I feel much more confident going forward. 


Having 5 days Supercharged 121 training has been amazing in helping me understand how to take the games out and about in distracting locations in a managed way, to avoid the risk of Albie rehearsing unwanted behaviours, as well as how to apply the calm protocols at home.

My confidence has improved significantly as I have been busy practicing since my return, all that I learnt and it is working really well. I know i still have a lot to learn but have booked on to the monthly classes and some of the other events as well as a further training holiday for next year so that I can keep learning and progressing  

Happy & Fun Life

This will help me to continue to do my best to enable Albie to have a fun and happy life and to safely allow him the freedom to be a dog and to enjoy our walks together.  My thanks to everyone at Devon Dogs who helped to make this a really great training holiday for Albie and I. 🙂

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About the author: We had a golden cocker spaniel when I was a child and I’ve wanted my own dog ever since. Having a busy demanding job for 35 years prevented me from doing so. Last year I had the opportunity to go part-time and found my lovely puppy, Albie. In preparation, I did a lot of training in dog behaviour, grooming, first aid, etc. Whilst I was able to do all of the basic training with Albie initially, when he started getting to the teenager phase, I found it increasingly difficult. Suddenly the basic training no longer worked as well. Albie became more independent and less interested in me, as well as chasing birds, rabbits, pheasants, and constantly running off to play with other dogs. Walks became stressful rather than enjoyable events. Being at home was also hard work as he then started barking at the door, noises in the garden and would no longer settle in his crate. Despite the preparation, I felt extremely inexperienced in handling and understanding dogs. I really started to lose confidence in my ability to train him and manage these behaviours. Fortunately my puppy sitter/dog walker, Karen Caille, a Pro Dog Trainer, helped me tremendously along the way and introduced me to Devon Dogs training.  

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