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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A Time to Reconnect with Ourselves

From time to time during our lives, we go through big events and lifestyle changes. During these times we can feel adrift, or not quite right. We may even believe that we have become a much weaker version of who we really are and what we want out of life. This can lead to a feeling of disconnection and the loss of our real self somewhere along the way. Sadly, it can also affect our relationships with close friends and family. Naturally, this upsets our sense of equilibrium, as well as our stability and anchor points in life. 

But maybe this is a good thing, a nudge from our Soul, if you will. This current lockdown is a great time to take stock and think deeply about what’s important, preparing ourselves for changes ahead.

Grab yourself a notebook and jot down my tips, which are designed to help you to reconnect with yourself

  1. Describe yourself, your characteristics, what makes you tick, and what makes you different.  
  2. Think about the things that make you happy, and list them in order of priority.
  3. Looking ahead, where do you want to be – in one week; one month and one year’s time.
  4. Ask yourself these questions:
    1. What most excites me?
    2. What am I most proud about?
    3. What am I most grateful for?

The modern brain is inundated with thousands of thoughts making it is easy to get lost in the stresses of everyday life, and even more so when the big events occur. We gradually get into the habit of putting ourselves last in order to focus on a person and/or event that shouts the loudest. But we can also disconnect from our real self in the process.

Now is the time to change that habit and start to focus back on yourself, back on what is important to you

All experiences in life come to us for a reason, and we can learn something from each and everyone of them. There are many wise people who suggest that these experiences are sent on purpose, and that there is a lesson for us to learn in order to grow into our true potential. So the next time that you are faced with a challenge, a crisis, a decision to make, stop and consider what is important to you. Go through my reconnecting list. This will help you to focus and make a decision that is right for you.

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