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time to potter

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A Time to Potter by Carole Langman

What a strange year 2020 has been so far!  Since March onwards we have all struggled with a long 4 month lockdown; and now second time around, there seems to be a familiarity to it all.  Once again we seem to have more time on our hands as a direct result of this second lockdown, giving us more time to ponder, to potter, and do something new and different.

Time to develop new ideas, new habits and a different way of being

  1. For starters we can get on with some of the more mundane tasks – the things we never seem to have enough time for. For me, there is always a mound of paperwork that seems to grow and grow. There is also plenty of things to tidy, and put away so that we are easily able to locate things in the future.
  2. What about having a good look at our clothes cupboards, and stating to clear the decks ready for a fresh start, a new look, a new season perhaps.
  3. Last of all, perhaps the most humdrum of all tasks, is the tidying and organising of our household tasks, including bills and finances, and getting things done and sorted.

These tasks may feel daunting and you may not relish the idea of them, but now is a good opportunity to get into new habits and new routines which will pay dividends in the long term.

Along with some of the more day to day tasks, we also seem to have more time to watch the world go by. Some people would call this pottering. There are a number of different temptations in front of us if only we open our eyes to the sights and sounds around us. For example I love to watch the birds as they flit in and around the bird feeder. Their wonderful shapes and colours and how they all interact together. I also take a daily walk, even if it is just around the local park, as you well know we are actively encouraged to do so! It is good for us to be out in the fresh air, and have a different outlook rather than the four walls that confine us, and to have the time to engage with different aspects of nature.

Boost Energy Levels

Over the lockdown periods we have had the opportunity to closely examine our everyday lives, to slow it all down. Most of the time our lives simply rush by, and before we know it the weeks, the months and even the years fly by. And now, to improve our wellness, we do need to slow it all down and give our energy levels a boost.

Allow plenty of time to simply potter  

Taking time out to potter around, to give ourselves a rest from our normal busy lives, and to undertake simple manual tasks can provide us with enormous gains. To give yourself a good boost at this particular stage of lockdown, think about taking one hour a day or if you can manage it, or perhaps even as much as one day a week, and give yourself this time to simply being you. Give your mind a break, and undertake small jobs that don’t need a lot of thinking about, after all, these things need to be done anyway, but do them now with intention. And of course, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to simply potter.  

Tasks for the week ahead

Set aside the time for being you, make sure you switch off and don’t waste energy on difficult or thought provoking stuff.  Get back to the simple things in life, the everyday things that need to be done, and make sure you enjoy doing them.  And don’t forget to potter!

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